Coverage Areas

Xpress Ads Coverage Areas

Standard Xpress Ads Mailers.

Each of our three geographic areas has at least one standard Xpress Ads mailer and plans to add at least one additional mailer during 2016. The coverage areas of each are shown in the following table:

AreaRouteCoverage AreasZip CodesArea Map
For additional information about any of these Xpress Ads mailings, contact the specific store
AllentownA1West Allentown18104View Map
A2Emmaus / Macungie18049 18062Future
BethlehemB1West / Central Bethlehem18018 18017View Map
B2Saucon Valley / Center Valley18015 18034View Map
B3Bethlehem Twp / Route 3318020 18045Future
EastonE1Suburban Easton18045 18040 18042View Map

Custom Xpress Ads Mailers.

Custom Xpress Ads are an excellent advertising media for neighborhood associations, business districts, and shopping centers who want to get exposure to a wide audience in a cost-effective manner. A good example of a group that could benefit from a Custom Xpress Ads mailer would be a neighborhood of small restaurants and boutiques who would like to increase their business by advertising to a wider audience.

If you have an interest in a Custom Xpress Ads mailer, please contact us and we will help you bring your idea to fruition.