A New Way To Advertise

How Would You Like to Reach 10,000 Households for 3¢ Each?

Saucon Valley Center Valley Xpress Ads Distribution Area

Minuteman Xpress Ads are the way!!

What would 50 new customers do for your business?

Minuteman Xpress Ads are the way!!

Research has shown that direct mail will produce of response of ½% to 2% which means that your business may expect a response of ~ 50 potential new customers from a 10,000 piece mailing that contains an attractive offer or call to action.

These mailings can be used to:
    • Promote new products and services
    • Direct customers to your website,
    • Direct customers to your Facebook page,
    • Offer a special price or discount, or
    • Publicize an event or sale.

Mails Quarterly

We publish these Minuteman Xpress Ads mailers on a quarterly basis to best accommodate seasonal and holiday events.  Each mailer will be sent to ~ 10,000 residences and businesses in its target area.

Full Visibility – No Envelopes

Minuteman Xpress Ads mailers are 12 x 18 inches and are folded to 9×12 inches for mailing — a size that certainly will stand out in the mail — especially since your ad is not hidden away in an envelope.

Single ads are 2.25×5.5 inches while double ads are either 4.5 x 5.5 or 2.25×11.25 inches.

No Surprises – All Inclusive Pricing

Our all-inclusive low prices for the Minuteman Xpress Ads cover all design, printing and mailing charges — there are no additional charges.

No Hassle – We Handle Everything

As part of the program, we:
    • Design your ad to your specifications,
    •Print the mailers on high quality paper,
    • Bundle the mailers according to USPS specifications,
    • Generate the required USPS paperwork, and
    • Deliver the mailers the the appropriate Post Offices.

No Contacts or Enrollment Fees

Pay as you go and feel free to run your ads as frequently as you wish.

Naturally, our prices are lower if you run your ad multiple times in consecutive issues of the same mailer or concurrently in several of our different mailers.